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Friday, December 16, 2016

Short Film: Find my Phone - English Subtitles

imagine a stalker doing this to your devices so they could spy on you and you get an idea of what i experianced while my devices were hacked. they modified the system so any reset i did didnt get rid of them. meanwhile they had access to all of my contacts ,photos, used my phone/tablet to watch me. something simular was done with my computer camras as well.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

A new day

Life is better now i got a new computer so im slowly easing back into things. I lost Sadi my little man in May of 2015, it was like losing a child and very depressing. I still cant think of him without tearing up. I've come back into SL and had my faith in humanity restored. People have been so nice and supportive. I'm currently participating in open mics and some bookings which i have advertised on Facebook and in world. It had been awhile since i had sang and i didnt want to rush in and sound horrible plus i wasnt sure this computer could run SL let alone allow me to perform (it is $300 puter). I needed to have confidence in myself and my equipment. So i didnt make a huge announcement when i first came in but things seem to be working well so im optimistic. Not really sure what the future holds but im a survivor, i plan to stick around so i hope to see more of everyone, huge hugs to you all !


Friday, May 15, 2015

Lost faith in humanity

I realized today while looking at my blog that my forgiveness post was horribly vague which may breed misunderstanding. Anyone who has known me for any length of time will be able to tell you what you get is what you see. I rarely if ever lie to people because I believe in the golden rule. I do value honesty even when it hurts. That being said because I am that way when I do lie I feel horribly guilty and will confess unless the people I lied to are lieing to me... So in that post I'm referring to 1 or 2 lies not thousands. To clarify the other parts since moving from my apt in Calgary everyone I've lived with has stolen from me... Even while in eastern Canada I was robbed repeatedly by people I thought cared for me and I came back home to Alberta to my grandmother being robbed repeatedly by her border. When we both thought we had escaped such oppression and moved to reddeer our new landlords in the house we rented went thru all our things repacked what was in boxes all mixed up from the ordely way it was packed and happily took what ever they heard us saying we cared about, some things ,even those lost in eastern canada ty 4 that, but not all ... have been returned which i appreaciate , even tho they are now damaged and chemicals that were put in bathroom products have caused festering sores to erupt on our skin. If everything was returned minus the food, I would be even more grateful,  I dont understand what the point of all this is. Theft is one of my hugest peeves, I am not a greedy person; 9 times out of ten if someone asks for something and I don't need it I'm happy to make their day by letting them have it. What pisses me off is having the choice taken away from me especially since things I value which have significant memories may seem like garbage or unimportant to others. All our devices and accounts have been hacked in pretty much the same manner people just barging in taking what we care about and destroying what ever they want to. I am grateful that not everything is gone and I still don't see what any of this will accomplish beyond making us loose faith that good people still exist. I thought some of it was because I spurned the borders sexual advances so I had hoped with his death that the hacking would stop. Unfortunately it seems that those I had thought better of were collaborating with the evil border so even tho he is gone they are not. I have no solutions, I apologize to my fans and any who miss me, I have lost a lot of faith in humanity but I do try to still believe in those who are sincere even though with all the crazy making its hard to know who is. Huge hugs. Ww

P.s crazy making makes it harder to be happy in the pants just in case you didn't know. And you can Google crazy making BTW.

P.p.s I also believe if people even hackers masterbated more that the world would be a happier place. The hackers can't take that away lol. Tho if they lost their hands from stealing it would be more difficult for them to do so.

Friday, February 20, 2015

I'm Frustrated

I can't currently get any of my games to connect to the Internet. I'm working on fixing that. Also I've discovered I have not lost the hackers that were affecting me in 2011 since then and possibly before I have had a domain controlled virtual management accessing and controlling my computer. What this means is that they have cut off my online access in the past, access any accounts I'm logged into, delete what they choose and spy on everything I do. Because of this I can't guarantee that if their upset with me or having a bad day that they won't crash my avie and cut off my online access halfway through my gig. That they won't delete messages from people before I received them etc. Or cut my online access all together as is happening with my gaming. They remote in and do whatever they wish. I love performing and want to continue but I didn't think It was fair  for all of you not to be aware of what I'm facing. If venues want to take the risk on me I will happily perform as much as I am able. If they don't I understand that too even though it would sadden me. I have changed all booking $L to compensate. I have done all I currently can to rectify this but have been unsuccessful. Regardless I want a life and have nothing to hide so I will continue my activities normally  as much as possible. huge hugs everyone.